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    sacred beauty grains

    Awarded the cleanest most effective skin care product by the spa director and estheticians at the Canyon Ranch Resort Spa. Used in spa treatments in Santa Fe’s Nidah Spa at the Eldorado Hotel, The Golden Door Spa at the Peaks in Telluride, and the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

    Featured in gift stores at The Nidah Spa, Enchantments Resort and Spa in Sedona, Scottsdale Princess Resort and Spa, and The Broadmoor Resort and Spa in Colorado Springs. Sweet Medicine Bath and Skincare is all vegetable, 100% natural, and tested by people we love!

    bath salts

    New Age Retailer
    Reviewed September 2001 in Skyelines
    Aromatherapy bath salts
    Sweet Medicine Enterprises

    Donna Karol is the creator of  Sweet  Medicine Enterprises’ aromatherapy bath salts, describes her products as “a modern application of ancient wisdom.” Donna is an herbalist with an interest in natural healing traditional medical practices. Many of the recipes she uses in her bath products they say “emulate those that were passed down to us by our ancestors, shamans, and magicians.”

    Sweet Medicine’s Feng Shui Bath Collection includes five different aromatic blends—Love, Wealth, Joy, Wisdom, and Tranquility formulated to soothe, cleanse, and heal the mind and body. The combinations are handcrafted, using a base of Epsom salts to detoxify the body, relax stressed muscles, and reduce inflammation, along with baking soda to help counteract the effects of radiation and environmental pollution. Earth salts are included for their grounding and purifying properties. Pure essential oils are then added for their aromatherapy benefits and to focus the mind on certain intentions. The bath salts are also related to the five elements in Feng Shui: fire, wood, earth, metal.

    In many traditions, baths are a part of spiritual and magical rituals. The delightful fragrances and soothing effects of Sweet Medicine’s mineral salt blends transform an ordinary bath into a ritual, especially when enhanced by candlelight and music. But can they actually attract the conditions for which they’ve been formulated? I’m not sure if the potion was responsible, but bathing in Love bath salts before going out on a date did put me in a romantic mood and inspired loving feelings between my partner and me. A stressed out friend of mine who was in the process of moving to Italy tried Tranquility bath salts and promptly fell asleep in the tub. Sweet Medicine’s bath salts are free of animal products and preservatives, and they come packaged in 27-ounce jars decorated with an I Ching coin for good luck.

    sacred beauty grains

    My skin at age 42 is ultra sensitive, but tends to oiliness while enduring high altitude, extremely dry climate. I’ve been using Sacred Beauty Grains for over two years. I have virtually no fine lines in my complexion (incredible in this climate). The polishing effect is extraordinary while being cleansing and non-irritating. The most amazing thing is Sacred Beauty Grains does not strip my skin of moisture. My face is not tight as a mask after drying, so only a small amount of moisturizer is necessary, and my complexion does not become oily later on!

    I use Sacred Beauty Grains exclusively as a cleanser and exfoliant on a daily basis. The natural ingredients really seem to be nourishing my skin all over.

    Wendy Warner
    Santa Fe, NM

    I am 52 years old and have used every conceivable facial product on the market: Borghese, Channel, Alexandra de Markoff, etc. None of which have done any miracles…then I discovered your Sweet Medicine Enterprises’ Sacred Beauty Grains, and for first time in years I love how my skin looks and feels! Thank you so much for a superior product.

    Arlene Le Clair
    Marietta, Georgia

    I recently went to the dermatologist to have a mole removed and what happened is something I had to write to you about. I filled out the application with the usual information and was taken to a treatment room. I looked up and the Dr. came in reading my chart , she looked at me and exclaimed this file must be wrong you couldn’t be the age this says you are. The dermatologist then called in her Aesthetician to look at my complexion. I told her that I have been using Sweet Medicines’ Sacred Beauty Grains for nine years. They really were amazed!! I continue to use the grains and my skin looks and feels supple and smooth.

    Thank You!
    Linda Lane
    Encino, CA

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