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    Discover the secrets, tranquility and elegance of the Old World. Immerse yourself in Sweet Medicine bath recipes created from crosscultural folklore beauty secrets and healing remedies passed down from generation to generation.

    In our distant past ritual baths were a big part of daily life. Herbal potions, aromatic oils, incantations, and candles were used to bring about Love, Harmony and Fulfillment. We use a 'Modern Application of Ancient Wisdom' in all of the baths to restore the mystique of ceremony and intention as you soak away daily stress.

    Now you can indulge yourself with Nature's bounty. Feel the spirit within these plants, relax, renew, and soothe. Our bath delights are pure and natural and made from plant essences, essential oils and detoxifying mineral salts.

    abundance bath salts

    This potion is meant to grant one good fortune. While bathing allow your imagination to show you what you desire, and visualize your wishes fulfilled.
    Oils of Cedar, Patchouly and Tonka. 20oz. - $24.00

    clarity bath salts

    This aromatic blend of oils enhances awareness, clear thinking and creativity. It is said Tibetan Monks used a formula much like this one in their temple incense for pinpoint focus.
    Oils of Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rose, and Rosemary. 20oz. - $24.00

    love bath salts

    A sixteenth century recipe to attract true love. Enhance the love in your life, create your dreams and fulfill your desires. Feel the romance while soaking in this sweet scented bath.
    Oils of Clove, Ginger, Jasmine, and Rose. 20oz. - $24.00

    purification bath salts

    A captivating aroma used in ceremonies from the Mediterranean Mystery Temples. Imparts purification and protection, and has an uplifting effect on the body, mind and spirit.
    Oils of Clove, Frankincense and Lavender. 20oz. - $24.00

    enlightenment bath salts

    Inspired by East Indian Temple incense, this exotically scented bath transports you to a calm and meditative place within.
    Oils of Sandalwood, Magnolia, and Lotus. 20oz. - $24.00

    ceremony bath salts

    Emulating the ceremonial herbs of Native people, this purifying oil combination reminds one of the aromatic high desert and the ancient mysteries that still dwell there.
    Oils of Sage, Cedar, and Pine. 20oz. - $24.00

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